Today, after the Cook Political Report  moved its rating of Texas’s 21st District from Solid Republican to Likely Republican, Democrat Joseph Kopser  released the following statement:

“This change represents a monumental shift in a district that’s been locked down by Lamar Smith for more than 30 years. With more Democrats and swing voters in Texas-21 than ever, and a field of 18 Republicans to whittle down, it’s no surprise that we’re starting to see a blue wave here.

“Thanks to Team Kopser volunteers, donors, and supporters all over Central Texas, our momentum continues to build. With less than a month until Primary Day, I couldn’t be prouder of this movement to flip Texas-21.”

Read the Cook Political Report ’s coverage below:

Cook Political Report: Ratings Changes in 21 Districts
By Dave Wasserman (@Redistrict)
February 8, 2018

TX-21: OPEN (Smith) (R) — South central: San Antonio and Austin suburbs Likely Republican. This open seat has been one of Texas’s most reliably GOP districts dating back more than 30 years. But the professional suburbs of San Antonio and Austin are rapidly moderating. President Trump won this district by 10 points, down from Mitt Romney’s 20 point margin. That gives Democrats a shred of hope that former Army officer Joseph Kopser ($337,000 on hand) could pull off an upset in a wave.

He’ll likely need a flawed GOP nominee to do that, but the 18-candidate Republican field appears headed for a draining May runoff. At least eight of them have a credible path to the runoff, including former Sen. Ted Cruz staffer Chip Roy, former CIA officer William Negley, state Rep. Jason Isaac, former Rep. Quico Canseco, former Bexar County GOP chair Robert Stovall and PR consultant Jenifer Sarver (who didn’t support Trump).

San Antonio observers cite Roy, Isaac and Stovall in particular as potentially too conservative for some more moderate suburban Republicans. It’s still a long-shot for Democrats, but worth watching to see whom Republicans nominate.


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