Vice: "Texas Is Kicking Off the First Round of the Trump Midterms"

By: Robert Wheel

"The 21st contains the heavily Republican Hill Country, conservative-but-turning-purple San Antonio suburbs, and a deep blue slice of Austin. At the start of the decade, it was safely Republican, but only gave Trump 53 percent last year, and now that Rep. Lamar Smith is retiring, Democrats think they have a shot. So…

"Vote for Joe Kopser if you want to nominate the strongest general-election candidate. The veteran, scientist and businessman cuts the ideal profile for a Democrat running for a Republican-leaning seat."

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ENDORSEMENT: Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence Endorses Joseph Kopser for Congress

The Kopser for Congress campaign released the following statement from The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence:

"As a candidate for Congress, Joseph Kopser is proactively and consistently promoting and supporting common sense gun policies to stop the flow of crime guns onto our streets, keep weapons of war and other guns out of dangerous hands, holding the gun industry accountable, ensuring that a public health approach is fortified with scientific-based research into gun violence prevention, and giving victims of gun violence their day in court both for criminal and civil justice. In a nation where 96 Americans die from gun violence every day, and more than 200 are injured by gunfire, now more than ever we need more politicians in office like Joseph Kopser, a true champion of common-sense gun policies that save lives."

Joseph Kopser added the following statement:

“I am very proud to have earned the trust and support of the Brady Campaign, and to add them to our growing coalition of support in TX-21. The Brady Campaign has been working for decades to fight for sensible gun safety and I could not be prouder to stand with them in their mission to cut gun deaths in half by 2025.”

This endorsement adds to a growing list of leading Democratic Party leaders and institution organizations supporting Joseph Kopser including Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff, Commissioner Garry Mauro, Jason Kander, Paul Begala, and Matt Angle. They join institutional supporters supporting Kopser for Congress, including Vote Vets PAC, 314 Action Fund, Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, Congressman Seth Moulton, and the Texas Lone Star Project.


You can read more about the Brady Campaign here.

Joseph Kopser is a 20-year Army veteran, technology entrepreneur, and father of three daughters running in the Democratic Primary for TX-21. His candidacy is driven by concern for the future of our country and the path Washington leadership and this Administration are taking. He is building a new coalition of voters that believe the values, priorities, and expectations of Texas’ 21st congressional district will serve as a model of service and representation for Texas and the United States.


Washington Post: "2018 is the year of scientists running for Congress"

By: Ben Guarino and Laurie McGinley

"An aerospace engineer trained at the U.S. Military Academy, Kopser promises on his website not to pander to any special interest but to base his public positions on two things: constituent “input and verified scientific data.” Part of a nationwide wave of scientifically trained people running for office at every level of government this year, Kopser said he was motivated to run because he sees science being devalued in society — particularly by the Trump administration.

“'I absolutely feel that science is under attack,' Kopser said. 'It’s the opposite of when John F. Kennedy said he wanted to get us to the moon in less than 10 years. The way Trump is going, in 10 years, he’ll have us back in caves.'”

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Ozy: "This Army Vet and Tech Entrepreneur Wants to Fix Congress"

By: Daniel Malloy

"For national Democrats he’s a dream candidate: Army veteran, tech entrepreneur, compelling delivery on the stump, gobs of donations in his campaign bank account. It’s the recipe Democrats believe gives them a rare opportunity to win a seat that stretches from Austin to San Antonio, while jutting out into Hill Country. After Republican Rep. Lamar Smith announced he’s retiring after 30 years, his turf became a battleground for energized Democrats and a pack of 18 Republicans drawing blood on their side of the ballot. The Cook Political Report declares that Kopser 'could pull off an upset in a wave.'

"If enough voters stick with him through this ride, and Kopser pulls off a November upset, his victory could serve as a model for Democrats across a fast-changing state and launch talk about higher office. 'I don’t know how you hold that brother back,' Cummings says of Kopser. And if this political thing falls through, there’s always outer space."

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San Antonio Express News: "S.A. races reflect the fierce battle for control of Congress"

By: Bill Lambrecht

"Kopser... said he wants to appeal to people who might say: 'You know what, this Kopser guy, he might not be my perfect cup of tea. We might argue on some points, but my gosh, he gets stuff done.'

"He added: 'Do Democrats believe it’s most important to find the purest candidate and make a point? Or do they want to find the most viable candidate and make progress? That is what Tuesday is going to come down to.'”

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Science As Fact: "Meet The Rocket Scientist Running to Replace The Most Notorious Climate Denier in Congress"

By: Carly Cassella

"'I'll be at a bar talking about hard and complex problems, and people will look at me like, 'Well what are you? Some kind of rocket scientist?' And I just smile and say, 'Ah, I've dabbled.''

"Kopser is running for Congress in Texas' 21st District because he believes his scientific background makes him uniquely qualified for office.

"From serving in Iraq to starting and selling an award-winning business called Ride Scout, Kopser's application of the scientific method has come in handy on more than one occasion."

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