By: Daniel Malloy

“For national Democrats he’s a dream candidate: Army veteran, tech entrepreneur, compelling delivery on the stump, gobs of donations in his campaign bank account. It’s the recipe Democrats believe gives them a rare opportunity to win a seat that stretches from Austin to San Antonio, while jutting out into Hill Country. After Republican Rep. Lamar Smith announced he’s retiring after 30 years, his turf became a battleground for energized Democrats and a pack of 18 Republicans drawing blood on their side of the ballot. The Cook Political Report declares that Kopser ‘could pull off an upset in a wave.’

“If enough voters stick with him through this ride, and Kopser pulls off a November upset, his victory could serve as a model for Democrats across a fast-changing state and launch talk about higher office. ‘I don’t know how you hold that brother back,’ Cummings says of Kopser. And if this political thing falls through, there’s always outer space.”

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