TO: Interested Parties

DATE: May 23, 2018

Contact: Madison Kaigh, (609) 254-0647 (



(Austin, TX) — Last night, Joseph Kopser won the Democratic nomination for Congress in Texas’ 21st Congressional District. Kopser won his primary with 58 percent of the vote, winning in nine of the ten counties of TX-21. On Election Night, Joseph Kopser released the following statement.


“When we began this campaign a year ago today, I was running to unseat Lamar Smith, a 30-year incumbent who chaired the House Science Committee despite not believing in climate change. In the process, I’ve learned so much–about this district, about the challenges we face, and about everything we have in common. The thousands of Texans I’ve spoken with over the last twelve months are concerned about our future but confident that, when we work together, we really can make progress.

“We know how to win in November. It’s the foundation of our victory tonight and why so many have invested in this campaign. If we blaze a new trail, assembling a new coalition and investing in new strategies, we can win in November. If we overcome the cynical purpose of gerrymandering and pursue what’s right for our communities, we can win in November. If we focus on the values we have in common and the issues that bring us together, we will win in November.


“Together, we’ll fight to fulfill this district’s potential by harnessing the abundance of wind and solar to create new jobs. We’ll work to make sure everyone in TX-21 can access the booming new economy along the I-35 corridor while ensuring the Hill Country remains country. We’ll make education and training available to anyone, because everyone who’s willing to put in the work should get a shot at the American Dream. We’ll advocate for health care for all, so that every Texan has the freedom to pursue an innovative idea or leave a bad job. To keep our schools and churches safe, we’ll build a new consensus to pass common sense background checks and gun safety reforms.


“Those are the priorities we’ll be carrying forward over the next sixth months, and, with the momentum we’ve generated, all the way through November.”

Live video of Joseph’s speech can be found here.


Joseph Kopser is a Democrat, 20-year Army veteran, technology entrepreneur, and father of three daughters running for Congress in TX-21. His candidacy is driven by concern for the future of our country and the path Washington leadership is taking. He is building a new coalition of voters who believe the values, priorities, and expectations of Texas’ 21st congressional district will serve as a model of service and representation for Texas and the United States.