(Austin, Texas) — Last night, the Department of Justice announced that, in a Texas lawsuit, it will refuse to defend the constitutionality of key provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Joseph Kopser, Democratic nominee for Texas’ 21st Congressional District, released the following statement:


“This Administration’s attempts to jeopardize coverage for Texans is proof that our health care system is vulnerable. Refusing to guarantee protections for pre-existing conditions will gut coverage for millions of hard-working Americans, including over 328,000 here in TX-21. Instead of supporting those Texans, my opponent would join Ken Paxton to jeopardize care for their families further–even though in 2016 he abused taxpayer money to the tune of thousands of dollars to remain on payroll at a government job he had already left that gave him the health care coverage he needed.


“When I retired from the Army, health care is what gave me the freedom to take a risk and found my business with the knowledge that my family would be taken care of. In Congress, I will fight for accessible, affordable health care for all, because everyone deserves the opportunity I had.”



Joseph Kopser is a 20-year Army veteran, technology entrepreneur, father of three daughters, and Democratic nominee for Congress in TX-21. His candidacy is driven by concern for the future of our country and the path Washington leadership is taking. He is building a new coalition of voters who believe the values, priorities, and expectations of Texas’ 21st congressional district will serve as a model of service and representation for Texas and the United States.