By Jeffrey Mervis

“Kopser captured last week’s Democratic nomination for a congressional seat in central Texas by convincing his party’s voters that he stands the best chance of winning the November general election in the solidly Republican district. But the clean energy entrepreneur and West Point, NewYork-trained engineer is walking a fine line: He is appealing to “disillusioned” Republicans and independents at the same time he criticizes the “chaotic” and “undisciplined” policies of President Donald Trump and worries about the “numbing” effect his policies are having on the electorate.”

“Right now, the voters who are most likely to go to the polls in November are mad that so many things they have been working on have been put at risk or are going backwards because of what the president has done,” says Kopser, who defeated Mary Wilson, a former community college math professor, 58% to 42%, in last week’s primary runoff. “Those actions make it that much harder to do things like move to a clean-energy economy, or improve our health care system, or pass a budget, or talk about immigration reform.”

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