About 60 Democratic House candidates have said that they prefer new leadership if the party wins back the House in November. Some have specifically said they would not support Representative Nancy Pelosi as speaker. Many are in districts that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee hopes to flip from red to blue.

Incumbents who have won primaries
Bill Pascrell Jr. NJ-9 “I would expect that we would have, win or lose, new leadership by January 1, 2019.”
Brian Higgins NY-26 “She’s listening, but this is my conclusion: She’s aloof, frenetic and misguided.”
Conor Lamb PA-17 “I’ve already said on the front page of the newspaper that I don’t support Nancy Pelosi.”
Filemon Vela TX-34 “Running against Nancy Pelosi is going to help you a lot more than running with her.”
Jim Cooper TN-5 “… The House needs a new generation of leaders who can appeal to a broad swath of the American electorate.” (through a spokesman)
Kathleen Rice NY-4 “She has been a great leader, but like every leader, time immemorial, it’s time for people to know when to go.”
Kurt Schrader OR-5 “The Republicans are the ones who are her biggest advocates.”
Linda Sánchez CA-38 “I think there comes a time when you need to pass that torch. And I think it’s time.”
Ron Kind WI-3 “I think someone new would be a breath of fresh air.”
Tim Ryan OH-13 “The focus is on 2018, but I think there is going to be some change, whether it’s newer members or maybe someone not in leadership right now.”

Other nominees
Districts currently held by a Republican that the D.C.C.C. hopes to flip in November are highlighted in red.
Abigail Spanberger VA-7 “We need new leadership in Washington, on both sides of the aisle … under no circumstances would I vote for Nancy Pelosi to again be speaker of the House.”
Aftab Pureval OH-1 “I’m running for Congress because I genuinely believe we need a new generation of leadership. Washington is broken. It’s toxic, and it’s on both sides.”
Ammar Campa-Najjar CA-50 “I think we need new leadership.”
Andrew Janz CA-22 “I think it’s time for a new generation of leaders to go to Washington … I think the country, and my district in particular, is hungry for change.”
Andy Kim NJ-3 “As I’m now working to help my community here in New Jersey, it’s time we have new leadership on both sides of the aisle in Washington to get the job done.”
Anthony Brindisi NY-22 “It’s something that I decided early on by talking to voters in the district. I believe it’s time for new leadership on both sides of the aisle.”
Ben McAdams UT-4 “It’s time for new leadership. I’d be looking at who’s running and what they bring to the table.”
Brendan Kelly IL-12 “I think we need new leadership in both parties and that’s just how I feel and I feel that way because the way it’s currently going in D.C. has not served the people of Southern Illinois.”
Clarke Tucker AR-2 “… I won’t vote for Nancy Pelosi. We’re better than that.”
Dan Kohl WI-6 “If I’m elected to Congress, I would not vote for Nancy Pelosi as leader of the Democrats. It’s time for a new generation of leadership in Washington.”
Dan McCready NC-9 “The fact is leaders of both parties have let us down. It’s time for a change. And that starts at the top.”
Danielle Mitchell TN-3 “I admire Pelosi and deeply appreciate all she has accomplished, but I wouldn’t back her for another term as speaker of the House.”
Elissa Slotkin MI-8 “If I am elected and I am in a position to vote for speaker, I’m going to vote for the person who’s going to do the most for Michigan, for our community, and, at this point, I think that’s someone else.”
Gil Cisneros CA-39 “While I respect Representative Pelosi’s years of advocacy on behalf of California and the Democratic party, new leadership is needed.”
Haley Stevens MI-11 Said she would not support Ms. Pelosi as speaker.
J.D. Scholten IA-4 “I definitely think it’s time for new leadership.”
James Thompson KS-4 “I like Nancy … But I think that we need new, fresh leadership in there that has a progressive vision, and Nancy’s a corporate centrist.”
Janet Garrett OH-4 “I look at the leadership, I think we should vote them all out.”
Jared Golden ME-2 “… No intention of voting for Nancy Pelosi. None at all.”
Jason Crow CO-6 “I want new leadership to set up and move this country forward.”
Portrait: Jeff Van Drew Jeff Van Drew NJ-2 “We need to change the leadership in Washington.”
Portrait: Jess King Jess King PA-11 “Congress already has too many career politicians in leadership … We need to make Washington D.C. work for all of us, instead of just working for the political establishment.”
Portrait: Jill Schiller Jill Schiller OH-2 “I plan to vote for a new generation of leaders.”
Portrait: Joe Cunningham Joe Cunningham SC-1 “It’s not a knock on Pelosi. But all across the board, people we’re talking to realize that we need new leadership, and that’s what we represent.”
Joseph Kopser TX-21 “I’m not supporting Nancy Pelosi as leader in any vote because I believe there are people who can better take the Democratic Party and our country forward.”
Joshua Welle NJ-4 “It’s clear that Congress is not working for everyday people, and now is the time for new leadership in Washington with fresh ideas on moving our country forward and united.”
Kara Eastman NE-2 “Democrats must have term limits like the Republicans have for their Congressional leaders. I would support a new House leader in 2019!”
Kathleen Williams MT-at-large “Unfortunately, this Congress is stuck in endless dysfunction and partisan gridlock. That’s why I won’t be voting for Nancy Pelosi for leader.”
Kathy Manning NC-13 “I cannot vote for more of the same, and I cannot support Nancy Pelosi or Paul Ryan to lead Congress. We need fresh faces and bold ideas leading both parties.”
Ken Harbaugh OH-7 “We are overdue for a new generation of leadership … We have a remarkable opportunity in front of us, and it’s going to take new thinking and new leadership to capitalize on it.”
Liz Watson IN-9 “I won’t vote for Nancy Pelosi because we need new leadership in Washington. I’ve been out across the district listening to folks and they know that Washington is broken.”
Mac Schneider ND-at-large “I think we need someone who can deliver an economic message — someone who can come out to North Dakota and talk to farmers and ranchers and explain why Democratic policies are better for their pocketbooks.”
Max Rose NY-11 “If the Democratic Party is going to earn back the trust of the American people then we need to show them that we are serious about changing our politics — and that means we need a change in leadership.”
Mel Hall IN-2 “Washington is broken — and career politicians in both parties are to blame.”
Mikie Sherrill NJ-11 “We know that the next 50 years aren’t going to look like the last 50 years, and we need a new generation of leaders who are going to bring forward fresh ideas as to how we move this country forward.”
Nate McMurray NY-27 “I think it’s time to move on.”
Paul Davis KS-2 “This is a broken Congress right now, and I think the leaders of both political parties bear responsibility for that. And I think that we need new leadership in both political parties.”
Rashida Tlaib MI-13 “I need someone that … is connected with, just the different levels of poverty that’s going on, the fact that there are structures and barriers for working families in my district that need to be dismantled.”
Richard Ojeda WV-3 “I think that Nancy is bad for our party; I think we need some working-class Democrats that actually know what it’s like for the average citizen out there.”
Ron DiNicola PA-16 “I respect the contributions that have been made by the Democratic leadership in the past, but I think it’s time for a change on both sides of the aisle.”
Theresa Gasper OH-10 “Although this discussion is premature, I would support new leadership in the House.”
Tim Bjorkman SD-at-large “I will not support Nancy Pelosi for speaker of the House or any other leadership position.”
Candidates in upcoming primaries
Deaglan McEachern NH-1 “Though I am thankful for Nancy Pelosi’s service to our party and country, I do not see her as a representative leading us into the future.”
Maura Sullivan NH-1 “I will not be supporting Leader Pelosi because I think we need a new generation of leadership. We need new leadership to move the country forward.”
Mindi Messmer NH-1 “It’s time to empower younger people to step up as leaders in Congress to inspire our youth everywhere.”
Nancy Soderberg FL-6 “No, I believe you need new leadership in Congress if you’re going to change the dysfunction in Washington.”
Terence O’Rourke NH-1 “It’s time for the nation to turn the page on that tired, failed political generation.”
Seth Moulton MA-6 (Incumbent) “At the end of the day this just wasn’t leadership that we saw from our Democratic party leaders, and that’s why I’m calling for a new generation of leaders in our party.”

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