When it comes to discussing evidence-based policy with voters, Congressional candidate, combat veteran and rocket scientist Joseph Kopser knows just what to do.

“We have more in common than that which separates us,” he told us at Science AF.

“We want quality jobs with meaningful wages, education that prepares us for the 21st century workforce, and a focus on our children’s futures.”

Kopser’s desire to reach across the aisle has come under fire from some Democrats for being too “centrist.” But in a Republican stronghold like Texas’ 21st Congressional District, getting past the political tribalism and into the nitty gritty of the issues has worked in Kopser’s favor.

Even though more scientists are running for office in the US than ever before, halfway through 2018, Kopser is one of the only science candidates to win his Congressional primary.

This means that Kopser is now one step closer to replacing Republican Representative Lamar Smith, one of the most notorious science deniers in government and, naturally, the current chairman of the Congressional Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.

This year, Lamar is finally stepping down after several decades on the job, and if Kopser wins his seat in November, the rocket scientist could flip the district blue for the first time since 1979, becoming one of the only scientists in Congress.

As a first-time candidate with an unusual and unique background not often seen in politics, this would be an impressive feat, and the Democratic party is giving him their full support.

“Joseph Kopser will fight for working families,” said Elizabeth Warren in a statement shortly after Kopser’s victory.


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