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DATE: September 26, 2018

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Texas Tribune ‘Split Decision’ Segment Shows Clear Contrast in TX-21 Contest

Army Veteran and Political Outsider Joseph Kopser Outshines Washington Insider and Career Politician Chip Roy

(Austin, TX) — Today, the Texas Tribune released their TX-21 “Split Decision” video, showcasing key contrasts between Joseph Kopser and his opponent, Washington insider Chip Roy. The video highlighted Kopser’s background as a veteran and entrepreneur, and outlined his priorities for jobs, health care, bipartisanship and other issues important to all Texans. Hilary Barrett, Kopser’s campaign manager, released the following statement:

“This November, TX-21 voters have a clear choice. They can vote for a career political insider who parrots hyper-partisan talking points and can’t escape the scandals that follow him from the Attorney General’s office. Or, they can choose an Army Veteran and political outsider who served our country in the military, built a successful a business in our district, and raised three daughters with his wife of 23 years.”

A key contrast between Kopser and Roy focused on Roy’s shady dealings related to his job at the Texas Attorney General’s office. Roy continued to collect taxpayer funded healthcare benefits and salary after resigning from the AG’s office.

The section of the video transcript reads as follows:

Joseph Kopser: My opponent understands the need for healthcare. He kept his healthcare when he left the office of the Attorney General.

Chip Roy: I followed the rules that were given to me and at the end of the day, I was only paid for services that I provided.

Joseph Kopser: He did it to keep his healthcare and then he turned around and worked to break down healthcare in this state, and to take away pre-existing conditions.

“Now we know why Chip Roy has been avoiding debates in all ten counties and hiding behind fundraising emails rather than joining Joseph onstage for town halls.” Barrett continued. “Texans are sick and tired of extreme ideology, recycled rhetoric, and the politics of division. When voters get to know our positive message and hear Joseph Kopser’s story, we beat the odds in this gerrymandered district and win.”

Watch Kopser’s Split Decision segment here.


Joseph Kopser is a 20-year Army veteran, technology entrepreneur, husband and father of three daughters, and candidate for Congress in TX-21. His candidacy is driven by concern for the future of our country and the path Washington leadership is taking. He is building a new coalition of voters who believe the values, priorities, and expectations of Texas’ 21st congressional district will serve as a model of service and representation for Texas and the United States.