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DATE: October 17, 2018

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Joseph Kopser Continues Trend Toward Historic Upset in TX-21

With over $944,000 raised, Kopser more than doubles previous quarter’s raise, outraises all opponents for fifth quarter in a row.

(San Antonio, TX) — This week, Joseph Kopser’s campaign in the Texas 21st Congressional District announced Kopser’s historic raise of $944,332 in the third financial quarter. Kopser’s background as an Army veteran, educator, and entrepreneur has created unique inroads in the open seat district, and the latest financial quarter results cement his status as one of the strongest challengers in Texas.

Kopser’s record-breaking raise will allow the campaign to deliver a win in November, executing a strategic operation through volunteer coordination, advertising buys on TV and digital, mail, and, most importantly, a continued presence throughout this geographically large, gerrymandered district.

“Joseph has raised more money than any candidate, of any party, in the history of this district,” Hilary Barrett, Kopser’s Campaign Manager, said. “While our momentum continues to grow, our opponent’s campaign has stagnated, focusing on the big DC money he learned to raise as a Super PAC Director instead of the people of TX-21. While Roy’s dark, misleading ad runs on a meager budget, national Republicans have fled the San Antonio media market, leaving him alone to defend his record as a career insider.

“It’s long been clear that Joseph Kopser is the candidate TX-21 wants. Now it’s clearer than ever that he can win.”

Although Kopser leads his opponents in fundraising, having raised almost $1,000,000 more than Roy through the cycle, Barrett noted Roy’s high numbers in one key area.

“It’s no surprise that Chip Roy, who once ran a network of dark money SuperPACs for Ted Cruz, has raised over $91,000 more than Joseph in PAC money. While he focuses on the big donors that he got to know as a career insider, we’re prioritizing the people of TX-21.”

Kopser’s numbers broke all fundraising records–Democrat or Republican–in TX-21.

  • As of now, Kopser has raised more in this cycle than any candidate in the history of the district (including 30-year incumbent Lamar Smith)

  • This is the fifth quarter in a row that Kopser has beaten his original goal and his Republican opponent.

  • Kopser has nearly doubled his Q2 raise in Q3.

  • Kopser’s raise in Q3 alone is roughly equal to Roy’s raise for the entire cycle through Q2.


Joseph Kopser is a 20-year Army veteran, technology entrepreneur, husband and father of three daughters, and Democratic nominee for Congress in TX-21. His candidacy is driven by concern for the future of our country and the path Washington leadership is taking. He is building a new coalition of voters who believe the values, priorities, and expectations of Texas’ 21st congressional district will serve as a model of service and representation for Texas and the United States.