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DATE: October 19, 2018

CONTACT: Madison Kaigh, (726) 999-0176,

Kopser, Kling, and Wolff Campaigns Announce First of Its Kind Coordinated Veterans GOTV Program for San Antonio Market

(San Antonio, TX) — Beginning Thursday, October 25, the Joseph Kopser (TX CD-21), Steven Kling (TX SD-25) and Nelson Wolff (Bexar County Judge) campaigns will execute an initiative to empower veterans and veteran families in San Antonio and Austin.

The new program will include a dedicated veteran-to-veteran phone bank, door knocking, and strategic outreach to veteran communities.

“This is a first of its kind effort to prioritize the voice of veteran families in Bexar County,”  said Judge Nelson Wolff. “It’s long overdue and I welcome the energy and insight that veterans Joseph Kopser and Steven Kling bring to Bexar County and this historic election.”

Joseph Kopser, candidate for TX-21 who is himself a 20-year Army veteran, has led the charge to open pathways for veterans to become business owners and entrepreneurs..

“But there is much work to be done,” said Kopser. “The full potential of our veterans in our community is still unmet. From a return to service in volunteerism, opening a small business, entrepreneurship… the full contribution of our veterans has yet to be realized.

“The struggles some veterans and their families face are real and too often overlooked. Congress shares the blame with a Veterans Administration that has strayed from its charter to serve and honor the men and women who are America’s Veterans and their families.”

Steve Kling, candidate for TX SD-25 who served combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, made it clear this election is unique. “Judge Wolff, Joseph Kopser, and I aren’t leaving anything on the table.  We’re committed to support a new coalition of Texans committed to making a difference. Together we will bring servant leadership to Bexar County, Austin, and Washington.”

What can Veterans do to continue to serve our country while working double time to serve their families?

“In TX-21, Veterans can do a lot,” said Kopser Field Director Mattea Pechter. “The 69,000 Veterans who live here – 9% of the vote – can make a huge difference in November. We have the opportunity to establish new expectations of our elected officials and hold them accountable. Veterans can get the representation that they’ve earned and the action that our country needs.”

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