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A critical part of my job will be listening — your priorities and expectations will drive my work in Washington. My job will be to deliver on those expectations and keep you fully apprised and as engaged as you want to be.

We all share an appreciation for TX-21. Good people, great cities, beautiful countryside – it’s truly unique. We also share the same challenges, no matter your political persuasion.

I’d like to challenge each of you, right now, to consider the top challenges that could be impacted by federal policy or increased regional engagement and leadership. In early 2019, we’ll begin assessing and assembling community task forces to help inform a shared perspective on the immediate, mid, and long-term challenges our district faces.

We’ll give them all something to talk about.

To get the ball rolling, my suggestions are below. Send yours to

Joseph's Community Policy Topics

  1. Women’s Rights
  2. Economic Inclusion
    • Gender
    • Race
    • Veterans
  3. Clean Energy Economy
  4. 21st Century Infrastructure (roads, broadband)
  5. Immigration
  6. Development