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Unwavering Support for Equality

I recognize that a critical part of protecting our civil rights and freedoms includes the responsibility to support those communities which, historically, have been marginalized, under siege, or disadvantaged. Thanks in part to the many members of  the LGBTQ community I’ve admired and the courageous men and women in the military with whom I’ve fought to defend this country’s freedoms, I am committed to fighting for and championing the LGBTQ community’s safety, equality, and constitutional rights.

Add Gender Identity to Public Accommodation Protections

Socalledbathroom bills”, introduced by various conservative states, have attempted to mandate public bathroom use, restricting it to the bathroom that matches the sex displayed on one’s birth certificate.

As Time Magazine put it:

Bathrooms and fights for civil rights go hand-in-hand. In the Jim Crow era, bathrooms — along with water fountains and lunch counters — were places that might be marked with “white only” signs. The bathroom has also been a battleground for women and handicapped workers fighting for equal treatment in the workplace. Because of the nature of things people do in the bathroom, it can be a space where they feel exposed or vulnerable and therefore resist change. It is also, as transgender icon Janet Mock says, ‘the great equalizer for all of us.’

Extend Protections for LGBT Students

According to the proposed Student Non-Discrimination Act, “Students who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ) are subject to pervasive discrimination, including harassment, bullying, intimidation, and violence. They have been deprived of equal educational opportunities in schools in every part of our nation. Numerous studies demonstrate that discrimination at school has contributed to high rates of absenteeism, dropout, adverse health consequences, and academic underachievement among LGBTQ youth. When left unchecked, such discrimination can lead to, and has led to, dangerous situations for young people.

In Congress, I will sign on as a co-sponsor of the Student Non-Discrimination Act.

I will also sign on as a co-sponsor of the Safe Schools Improvement Act.

Equality in Federal Contracting

Trump’s Rescision of Fair Play and Safe Workplaces Executive Order is wrong. “Trump rescinded the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces order, also known as Executive Order 13673, that President Obama issued in 2014. That order required companies wishing to contract with the federal government to show that they’ve complied with various federal laws…in tandem with Executive Order 13672, which prohibited contractors from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.”

This is a discriminatory and regressive step that could have a substantial impact on the ability of members of the LGBTQ community to get and retain gainful employment, one of the pillars of equality under the law.

I will work with like-minded lawmakers to restore and codify these previous protections.

Stand Up for LGBT Citizens Abroad

As reported by Newsweek, “a confluence of international and domestic forces has created a perfect storm for anti-gay legislation [in foreign countries such as Russia and Uganda where harsh sentences are imposed for homosexual activity]. It is common for weak governments to demonize a minority community to shore up domestic support.

Conversion Therapy is Immoral

Conversion therapy, the pseudo-scientific effort to convert people from homosexual to heterosexual orientation, has no basis in scientific fact and is in fact frequently considered harmful. It is immoral and wrong, in addition to being ineffective and often resulting in negative outcomes.

I will push for a federal ban on conversion therapy.