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Scientific Integrity

The main motivation for my campaign was to unseat Congressman Lamar Smith, one of American politics’ principal opponents of objective reality and fact-based scientific inquiry. Even though we have helped Congressman Smith see that it was time to retire, as an Aerospace Engineer, and father of three, I cannot stand by in silence and watch our political culture continue to slip into a crisis of doubt where people choose tribal loyalty over facts to base their decisions.


Pursuit of the infinite possibilities of space exploration has captured the imagination of the human mind since the inception of the American space program. Space exploration and innovation stemming therefrom, as well as satellite observation and communication, has had an enormously positive impact on human life in the last 70+ years and has broadened our knowledge of the physical universe.


The ocean covers the majority of our planet, controls various weather patterns, provides us with 70% of the oxygen we breathe, and generates trillions of dollars in economic profit. As can be seen from this question, the issues that affect the ocean are abundant, creating a complex challenge that no single person can address. Therefore, the first step in improving ocean health is uniting all sectors in society for that purpose. We must prioritize uniting stakeholders and providing financial support, and we must do so quickly. A vision of long-term improvement must be adopted, as we move away from the focus on immediate returns. Marine protected areas must increase in size and number, and regulations surrounding fishing and recreational aquatic activities must be tightened. While this may limit income for those who rely on the ocean initially, research has shown an increased return over a short amount of time.